Bad manners: 5 cases when sex at first date is appropriate

Of course a good mannered woman should not hurry to sleep with a man at first date, but there are situations when you forget about prejudices and follow your desires.

Doesn’t matter how much we discuss the first sex everybody has his own opinion. Still statistics say approximately 80% of women are not against sex at the first date. To say yes or no to your new partner whom you found through Tinder or at some casual exhibition is up to you, but don’t hurry to finish the evening alone.

Here are some situations when sex at first date is appropriate:

1. You don’t look for serious relations

Probably everybody knows tales about the third date after which you can go to bed together. But nowadays when everybody appreciates his free time it’s difficult to imagine that you can have sex only after three magic dates. People became more open-minded in sex aspects and sexuality so sex at first date is not a sign of frivolous behaviour. And if there’s no wish to have serious relations and sexuality must be satisfied why don’t you go to date for its’ continuation.

2. You know each other for a long time and decided to go to the next level

Before the first date you were friends. colleagues, good acq–≥aintances or friends of friends. The fact that you know each other, meet quite often and know what to expect from each other is very good. You can definitely say that this man is not a pervert and son of your mother’s friend won’t hurt you. You won’t feel awkward with him and can be sure that if you want to spend time together in a more intimate atmosphere you can if not good sex than a good company.

3. You have relationship in distance

Having relations in distance is always difficult but sex is more passionate because partners don’t have time to get used to each other and sex doesn’t become boring. And who will say no to sex at first date if you were separated from each other by thousand kilometres and now your partner is beside you. Some couples don’t leave bedroom at all when they meet at last.

4. You want to vary sexual life with your constant partner

First date sex is one of the hottest scenarios for a role play if you want to add some spice to your relations. You can discuss conditions beforehand, choose a place, come there with at different time and “occasionally” notice each other among other people. For a good effect you can even change your image or use other names. After all the date will finish in a bed and you both will reveal sex from a new side.

5. You want it

Whatever people say but a desire to have sex with a nice partner can be stronger than all obstacles. Ability to dive into desires is good of course. But not to have bad consequences stick to three rules: you always need to have contraception even if you are 100% sure your partner’s health. Remember that you always have right to say no even if you are in bed and naked.

And try to take situation soberly if you drank too much champagne a right decision can run away from you.