How to make him fall in love in 10 minutes

An experienced girl always finds a way to make a man fall in love with her in several minutes. If you don’t possess the art of seduction we have some recommendations for you.

First forget all the advices about this subject. They all are concentrated on the same boring matters: put on something red, listen more – speak less, and don’t write him first to look unavailable.

As practice shows an image of a beautiful shy girl doesn’t guarantee success. Intellectual technics are more effective.

1. First impression

Scientists say that when we meet a person only 3-7 minutes of conversation have meaning. During this time brain analyses speech of the person, gestures, intonations, mood. So your main goal is create great first impression. But don’t be too extreme. Just demonstrate a good mood, positive relation to life and problems should be forgotten. In other words be a better version of yourself.

2. Body language

They say that a person is open for another person if he sits opposite him. But it’s not our case. At dates you should behave another way. When you meet sit so he could see you neck. This is the most interesting part of body at non-verbal contact. Lean your head and look at him as if you looked over shoulder.

Make an eye-contact. In common life it’s a signal of threat but in romantic relations it is a sign of interest and attraction.

If you are shy to look into his eyes look at his lips such glance also has seducing functions.


Depending on a situation you can touch him at first date but it should happen as if it happened occasionally. Everything depends on your imagination and ingenuity. You’d better try to make the situation look as convincing as possible, but if he reveals your plan it’s not bad. The man will be flattered by your efforts and won’t tell you about his suspicion. Men like decisive and brave women so this will add more piquancy.

Remember touches activate heartbeat and make blood circulation faster and body gets oxytocin, so it’s better to use this chance.

If you are too shy and don’t want to fall in his embrace like if you stumble, concentrate your attention on the zone from elbow to palm. This part of body has high sensitivity and such touch doesn’t hint on sex.

4. Seductive voice is 80% of success

And now something really unexpected. For the first seconds of talking a man pays attention on woman’s voice and only then on her words. Psychologists defined that woman’s attraction is in her voice timbre. So one of the most important elements of woman’s appeal for men is her voice.

5. Psychology tricks

Technics of connection is a part of success in any communication. Use such phrases like: “I am like you”, “I had the same situation”, “I understand you”, “We are quite the same” and etc. It will create subliminal empathy because people like to surround themselves with those who understand them.

Take poses like his but don’t copy them too obviously as it can cause the opposite reaction: he can think that you mock him and you lose contact. In a nutshell if he scratches his nose don’t do the same thing.

It’s better to “reflect” hand movements or face expressions, they are not so conscious and he won’t notice the imitation.