High bar: how high expectations destroy your relations

Feeling of property, jealousy, egoism, total control – main reasons of your grief and breakups with men. Wise and clever woman should understand nature of a man and set priorities correctly to get pleasure from marriage. 

How weird we can be sometimes. Your personal life seems to be good, you and your partner share love and respect with each other, you spend much time together and still you are not happy yet. What is the reason? Do you have a feeling that you live on different planets and your partner is not ideal? Or maybe you have high expectations and they spoil your relations? We will discuss this topic in our article. 

In childhood we all heard the same tales with happy endings. We imagined ideal relations where there is no place for distrust, scandals and hurts. Peace and understanding are main things in a family. But when it’s time to start adult life, one meets difficulties which are perceived as catastrophes. And instead of living through it we pack our bags and go. 

Expectations that spoil relations:

He is mine

Some girls have a rule: the partner must love only you. Other people are just a filler. Jealousy invades your mind and madness begins, so you start being jealous to his colleagues or some casual passer-bys. And even if your partner doesn’t give you any reason for jealousy you will find it. Men don’t like to feel privatised. A chain reaction of problems begins that are made out of trifles but become really serious.   

Transparent relations

Who said that your partner wants to know anything about your past relations? Does he really need to know what gift you are going to buy for your step-brother’s wife? Is he interested in which illness you had when you were 10 years old? Every girl must have a territory when nobody can enter. Relations can be confidential but must not be transparent. The same goes to your partner. Everyday questions where he was, whom he saw, what he did are exhausting and build ground for quarrels and hurts. 

Leisure for both of you

Of course, every couple must have common leisure. You like to watch movies together, to play billiard and to ski. But there are things that he likes and you don’t. And it’s normal for all relations. But some girls are not ready to accept the situation, when their boyfriends go to play poker and they stay home because they don’t like gambling. In your dreams you are always together and he can’t leave you alone on a day-off. 

How to get rid off a habit to break up:

  • Forget about ideal relations they don’t exist
  • Accept trouble and surmount them together with your partner
  • Trust your partner and accept his interests
  • Work at yourself, develop and smile
  • Don’t listen to your friends’ advice, better address a specialist for help

Always remember love takes much time and work. To build strong relations you will have to listen, understand, accept and forgive. Nobody know maybe if you slam the door you will leave happiness behind it.