Kilometres between us: how to save relationship in distance

Despite melodramas and fantasies of romantic writers it’s quite seldom when a couple can keep their love through many trials of life like long separation and still they a have happy end. Is it possible at all?

You never know where you meet your fate, maybe going home or in a shopping mall or far away from home… If you are not lucky enough so your man can be thousand kilometers from you. Still no need to worry because in this article we will talk about having relationship in distance. Beware it’s not a easy task and you’ll have to work hard to deserve a happy end.


Trust is foundation for any relationship but when we speak about long distances it’s the main thing. If you can’t trust your partner it’s better not to start such relations at all. Talk about everything from the beginning, speak about your feelings and preferences and don’t provoke him or yourself to do things that can damage your love.

Act simultaneously

In cases your loved one is far away from you can only feel his warmth mentally. So try to something together if it’s not possible physically. Start watching a movie together, checking minutes and seconds, read the same book, visit exhibitions and share your thoughts. It will help to make your connection stronger and feel joint emotions.

Travel together as often as possible

Plan a travel together and be together as much time as possible. For example choose some days in a month and spend them together. Visit the most distant and beautiful places and and show that you both can be happy in any place in the world.

Plans for future

Make a schedule of meetings for half-year before so you don’t be said about a meeting that can happen some indefinite day. Buy tickets so each of you is sure that you’ll be together.

Relationship mascot

Exchange some mascots and symbols of your relationship. Let it be a material subject, but you both know that you have a particle of each other.

Unexpected meeting

Don’t be afraid of making a surprise for your sweetheart, be sure that he is at home and come to his place. Your gesture will create an element of surprise in your relations and the night will full of desire. Yes you will spend a couple of hours but these moments will be saved in your memory as the most pleasant ones. 

Real letters

Be creative and agree that once in two weeks or a month you will send a handwritten letter. Buy boxes and put letters there. It will keep you warm on lonely nights and remind marvellous moments spent together. In the end it’s very romantic and will help to keep relations in a good level.

Tell everything

Share everything with each other: your emotions, feelings and even some quick thoughts. Open your inner world to each other and it will make your connection and understanding stronger, and make being apart not so sad.

No quarrels

Try to keep rate of all your misunderstanding low: it’s too difficult to rebuild everything. In such situation you can’t just come to a person and embrace him. So try to react neutrally to irritations from each other not to be left alone.